At Arafura, we're about backing emerging companies to assist them in fulfilling their potential. With the ability to provide a mix of capital, access to Silicon Valley professionals, networking partners and strategic advice, we're able to assist early stage companies with a commercial focus, to rapidly build their companies.

As experienced early stage investors, founders and company execs, we understand the high risk and reward nature of making investments at such an important time in the lifecycle. We see it as an exciting time to get involved with start up companies sporting a demonstrable technology advantage.

Based in Silicon Valley California, Arafura Ventures is located in the worlds centre of innovation. Our founders have completed deals and have portfolio investments in several countries. The current fund is designed to leverage our international reach to give our investors exposure to early stage companies with a footprint in the US.


Arafura Ventures was formed by Joe Kennedy and Marc Philips for the specific purpose of establishing an investment fund focused on US based technology startups and early stage companies.


The managers are responsible for the investment process and for administering the day to day requirements of the Fund. The managers seek advice as needed from the advisory board and our network in Silicon Valley during and after the investment process.


Some of Arafura's founders investments include Web Central, ISYS Search Software, Figtree Systems, MEARS Technologies, Gridium Inc and Transifex Inc.

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